How Effective Could You Become If You Had Unlimited Coaching Clients To Practice With?


A Platform Dedicated To Swapping Coaching Services!
CoachSwap Exists To Serve Coaches
Connect With Another Coach
Book A Practice Coaching Session
Receive INSTANT Feedback And Grow

What Are People Saying About CoachSwap?

"...I'd highly recommend joining if you're a coach and you're trying to get experience..."   - Steven Ponec, ADHD Coach
"...I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to swap coaching sessions with fellow coaches who are equally committed to being they best they can be..."  - Lorna Davies, Empowerment Coach


Do you worry about what to say to clients?

Do you get sweaty and nervous before a coaching call?

Afraid a client is gonna "call you out" for not being able to help them, leaving you feeling like a fraud?

How About Sales Calls?

Does the idea of trying to "close" a client freak you out?

When you get to the MONEY MOMENT ("How much does this cost?" do you secretly wish you could curl up and hide?

Accreditation Hours

Do you need 20, 50, 100 hours to complete your accreditation requirements? 

Are your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers tired of you bothering them about your new coaching business?

You're Not Alone!

It doesn't matter if you've been coaching for 3 years or 3 weeks, we ALL could use help improving our communication skills.

Even the best coaches on the planet get nervous talking with a new prospect.

That initial conversation with a client can be scary!

Enter CoachSwap!

I've spoken with literally 1000s of coaches who feel UNPREPARED and NERVOUS.

Or maybe they have to meet accreditation requirements and are worried about falling short.


CoachSwap was created to serve coaches and consultants...
Not the general public!

When you join CoachSwap, you're coming on board with HUNDREDS of quality coaches and consultants JUST LIKE YOU!

Connect With Quality Coaches & Consultants JUST LIKE YOU!

How Do I Use CoachSwap?
  • Swapping One-on-One Coaching - The most popular way coaches are connecting. Swapping practice sessions, offering feedback and networking!
  • Strategy Sessions/Sales Calls - Practice your sales calls as often as you want so you'll NEVER be anxious about "closing" again!
  • Swap Meditations - Do you have a new meditation you want to try out? Swap with someone!
  • Market Research - Swap ideas with other coaches/consultants in your niche!
  • Legitimate Testimonials - When you coach someone, ask for a testimonial and QUICKLY build your online brand!
  • Networking - This is one of the most POWERFUL reasons to join this group. Build a solid referral network and watch the leads come rolling in!
  • Much, much more - The possibilities are limitless!
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Frequently Asked Questions
 Who is CoachSwap for? 
CoachSwap is for professional coaches and consultants OR for people who are currently enrolled in/seeking enrollment into a coaching/consulting accreditation program. This community is NOT for people who simply want "free coaching".
 What if I'm currently coaching but not accredited?
As long as you are running a coaching/consulting business you are eligible to join CoachSwap.
 Is this only for swapping coaching sessions, or are there other options to help me with my business?
Most members sign up to swap coaching sessions (primarily either to earn accreditation credits or to practice their skills). We've had some members offer swaps on meditations, sales calls, group coaching swaps and more!
  Is CoachSwap just for life coaches? 
CoachSwap is intended for ALL coaches and consultants, regardless of niche. Business, relationship, health, spiritual, marketing, time-management, law of attraction and pretty much any niche you can think of is welcome!
 What's expected of me as a member of CoachSwap?
Members are not expected to swap coaching with any person they don't feel comfortable with. We do expect that you're joining because you would like to practice your skills on another person who might be able to give you positive feedback, and likewise you would do the same.

Every member engages in coaching/consulting relationships entirely on their own discretion, with no influence from CoachSwap.
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